Temenos T24 Consulting and Training
We have a team of technical and business consultants who can provide its clients on shore and offshore consulting on how to leverage Temenos T24 to their business advantage. IndellecT provides highly experienced and expertise both onsite and offshore in supporting Banks with

Development and testing of the software based on the user requirements
Upgrade of the T24 Software to new releases
Managing the implementation
Development of Interfaces across different systems
Local customization based on the Bank's requirements

T24 Training
The benefits of training are rarely tangible in the short-term, but manifest themselves over a period of time. And, the benefits go beyond mere competence building. Staying competitive is the key to sustainability. Training your staff, keeping them motivated and up-to-date with industry trends and new technologies is essential to achieving that goal.

Indellect offers expert training from early introductory courses to post implementation follow up sessions. We ensure that your staff gets the most out of TEMENOS T24 and you fully protect your substantial investment in the product.

We offer training programs for both technical and functional consultants

Training programs for technical consultants include training for:

Customization Specialist
Interfaces Specialist
Delivery Set up Specialist
T24 Oracle Admin Performance Tunin

Training programs for functional consultants include training for:

Trade Finance
Accounting and Reporting
Risk Management
T24(SOA), Web Services