E-Governance is the use of a range of modern Information and Communication Technologies such as Internet, Local Area Networks, mobiles etc. by Government to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, service delivery and to promote democracy.

Indellect technologies provides following services below in e-governance:

Biometric identity cards for Citizens
Next Generation Biometric University Certificates
e-Passport: "e-Passport", also known as biometric passport or a digital passport, is a combined paper and electronic passport that contains biometric information that can be used to authenticate the identity of of travelers.

Indellect uses software development kits (SDKs) to develop applications for biometric and biographic enrollment, e-passport personalization and reading, and fingerprint verification in full compliance with ICAO Doc 9303 and the ISO/IEC biometric standards it references. It includes the following functionality:

Face and fingerprint auto capture and quality assurance
Capture hardware abstraction
Formatting and verification of e-passport data groups and security files
e-passport reading and security file validation
Fingerprint matching
e-Visas:Visas are usually needed to gain entry into a country. Some countries may require visas be applied for ahead of the trip. Other countries may issue an entry visa at the point of entry into the country, which is usually an airport or border crossing.

With the introduction of e-Visa, foreign nationals from all or selected countries listed will no longer be issued with the physical visas. Instead, the sticker visa will be replaced by an electronic visa and the application can be submitted through online using our online user-friendly system. An electronic visa can refer to either or both the application process to get a visa, and the VISA itself. In most cases, the process for an electronic visa application can be completed online, instead of having to appear, or mail documents, to the consulate of a foreign nation. An e-Visa card is also equivalent to a conventional visa, but no paper is inserted in your passport and there is no need for you to visit a diplomatic mission to submit an application.

Biometric ID cards for Citizens:Biometric cards are automated methods of identifying or verifying the identity of a person based on a physiological or behavioral characteristic.


Fingerprint – law enforcement, Entry devices for Buildings, Computer Network access, ATM authorization
Facial Recognition – Law enforcement, Automated Bank Tellers – user verification purposes
Hand Geometry – International Airport, Immigration facilities, Day care centers
Iris Scan – Law enforcement, Employee Security Check, Streamline boarding procedures
Retinal Scan – High end security: Military, Power plants
DNA – Medical applications, Paternity tests, Criminal identification and forensics

Speaker Recognition – Call centers, E-Commerce, Customer authentication for service calls
Signature Recognition– Access to documents, Execution of contracts, Banking services
Next Generation Biometric University Certificates: Advent of digital tools have made counterfeiting and forgery of University certificates . Counterfeiting of University Certificates results in several issues, not only to the University but to the Government and the society which demands Next Gen solutions and technologies. The proposed technology fuses ICT, Laser Holography and modern printing technologies to facilitate near zero counterfeiting, instant verification and validation.

Indellect uses a set of specially designed security fonts with microscopic features so that variable data get better security from counterfeiting and forgery.The entire system is designed to have state of the art and secure features in a really cost effective manner. We conduct different levels of staff training and the implementation is easy and migration from the present system is faster and straight forward.