Geographic Information System - GIS
GIS or Geographic Information System is fast emerging as an undisputable tool for the management of mission critical data in domains such as Agriculture, Urban development, Utilities, Electricity, business and retail. Most departments and organizations are in possession on a vast amount of data, with the advancement of various technologies the amount of data collected is on the rise than ever before. However associated technology to process the data in collaboration with other data sets from a geographic location perspective doesn't exist. GIS solves this very critical knot and provides information not seen otherwise. It answers the most widely posed question, Where?

80% of all data irrespective of the field or domain has a space dimension, this being the fact, non capture of this dimension results in the erosion of the quality of the data. When this dimension is captured and processed using GIS it provides rare insights of information to both the operations teams and the strategic management teams enabling them to take better scientific decisions. Be it management of crop, road planning, alignments, network analysis, slopes and aspect analysis, 3D visualization, vector mapping GIS opens up a whole new dimension. Most IT implementations now have a direct plug in to GIS to create a spatial window to the database.

Some of the areas where GIS is used extensively:

Town and urban planning.
Eco Tourism.
Business and retail.
Water and electricity.
Heath an disease mapping.
Tax mapping
Soil management and mapping
Seismic studies
Meteorological departments
Disaster management
Automatic vehicle location services
Location based services
Map making
Trends analysis
General research