PSIM - Physical Security Information Management
Physical security information management (PSIM) is a technology solution that provides a platform and applications created to integrate multiple unconnected security applications and devices and control them through one comprehensive user interface.

PSIM allows use of open technologies which are compatible with a large number of manufacturers. PSIM integration enables numerous organizational benefits, including increased control, improved situation awareness, and management reporting. Ultimately, the solutions allow organizations to reduce their costs through improved efficiency and to improve security through increased intelligence. It also ensures organizations the independence from various security devices / systems manufactures lock in strategy.

Indellect Technologies provides PSIM Solution and also exhibits our key strength in the field of PSIM implementation.

Our PSIM solution which is a multi protocol operable solution deployed to centralize :

Access control system
CCTV surveillance systems
Fire detection and Intrusion systems
Building automation
SCADA & automation projects
Large scale displays
Intruder alarm systems
Perimeter intruder detection systems
Radar based detection
GIS mapping systems
Audio/video door communication
Automated barriers & bollards